Thursday, 21 June 2012


It may be raining here but the sun is shining in this Solstice story. 
Continued from earlier extract:

She bit his neck lightly, like a lioness play fighting. He caught her wrists and flattened them to the ground above her head. Their bodies bucked and squirmed, still clothed, still separate. The moment would arrive in its own time; there was no need to rush.
Far away, on the other side of the field, the music grew louder, brasher, heating up with the day. Distant cries and shouts drifted across from the stallholders, the wholefood merchants, the body painters, the tattoo artists. The crowds would be thronging the streets of the temporary town: Easy Street, Sleazy Street, Murder Row. Stonehenge at the summer solstice, a place of refuge from the normal everyday world.
As the sun rose higher in the sky and the heat of the day brought beads of sweat to their foreheads, item by item, they removed their heavy clothes. Wool, cotton, denim – warm layers to ward off the chill of night and dawn – were discarded, thrown aside. When Josy felt his silky skin against hers, she shivered. But not with cold. Oh, no, not with cold at all.
Naked on the cloak they lay, limbs entwined about each other. First they looked, gazed upon each other’s beauty, eyes caressing tender flesh, unused to such exposure, shy, yet bold. Josy tilted her head back and gave herself up to his searching gaze. When his mouth came into contact with her flesh, she trembled.
Softly, he explored her, his tongue and lips barely touching her tingling skin. Slowly growing bolder, he nudged and nuzzled and nibbled.
The dry pull of his lips on her nipple, the suck-suck moistening it, sending darts of fire to her groin; her hips rolling side to side as though to avoid it, yet not to avoid it.
No no, yes, no no. 

Out in an ebook anthology shortly.

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Inspired by 50 Shades of Grey

Here's a short extract from a work in progress inspired by Fifty Shades of Grey.

From: Corporate Punishment 

‘Oh, I have no questions regarding your ability to perform the job,’ he said. ‘I’ve already taken up your references and am quite satisfied that you are the best qualified applicant. The reason I have asked you here today is to discover whether you will satisfy me in other ways.’ He paused. ‘If we are to work together, we must be compatible.’
  ‘Of course.’ I held his eyes, smiling.
  ‘Compatible in all ways. Mentally, temperamentally and … physically.’
  Well, he doesn’t believe in wasting any time.
  ‘I like my personal assistants to be …’ He stood up. ‘… very personal.’
He kept his eye on me as he stepped over to a refrigerator hidden in a cabinet. Without needing to look he located a bottle and he brought it out. ‘Chilled, white, but with an excellent body,’ he said, scooping up two glasses between the fingers of his other hand.
  Bringing them to the desk, he poured the wine. ‘Shall I take it from your silence that you understand me?’ he said, handing me a glass.
  ‘I … yes, I think I understand.’ I licked my lips, my mouth suddenly dry. Was I up for this? For everything he might ask of me? I accepted the wine and took a gulp. Oh yes, indeed, I was up for it. I wanted this job and if he came with the package, so much the better.
  ‘There are many stresses and strains in my profession,’ he went on, ‘and I must be able to relieve those stresses throughout my working day.’ He took a sip of his wine and perched a toned buttock on the edge of his desk.
  I took another mouthful of wine. He lounged immediately in front of me, looking down my cleavage without embarrassment.
  ‘I see.’ I swept my eyes over him with what I hoped was a certain amount of insolence. ‘I hope my own stresses would be relieved too.’
  ‘Naturally. I  strongly believe that a satisfied workforce is a productive workforce.’ He curved his lips in a half smile. ‘But as your employer, my needs would be paramount.’
  ‘Exactly what would my duties entail?’ I said, placing my empty glass on the desk.
  He refilled it before answering. ‘I would be happy to show you,’ he said. ‘Right now, if you wish.’
  He stood up abruptly. ‘But first I should explain a little more. My needs are not always straightforward. I would not want you to be under any misapprehension.’
  Ah, here it comes. He likes it kinky.
‘I am not a forgiving man,’ he went on. ‘I cannot overlook the mistakes of others, at least not until I have dealt with them severely.’
  He leaned forward, his eyes shining. There was a darkness at the back of them. I shivered.
  ‘I reward my staff well. But I also punish them. When necessary.’ He clapped his hands together, making me jump. ‘I am assuming you occasionally make mistakes, as everyone does.’
  Half my wine went down in one go this time. I needed more alcohol in my bloodstream, and fast. ‘I try to be accurate in everything I do,’ I spluttered.
  ‘Ah.’ He turned away. ‘Where would be the fun in that?’ He paced to the window and gazed out. Without turning he said, ‘I had hoped you were the right person for the position. The salary, as you know, is excellent. But if you think the duties would be too onerous …’
  I too stood up, a little unsteadily. ‘No. I’m not saying that. I believe I could perform the functions you require. Perhaps, as you suggested, you could show me exactly what is involved?’
  He swivelled to face me. ‘Excellent.’ His eyes swept up and down my body as if he could see me naked through my clothes. Stepping towards me, he placed his hands either side of my face and looked deep into my eyes. ‘It will be painful but I can guarantee pleasure as well.’ His cologne smelled of lemons and spice. I felt my knees weaken. Right then, I knew I would do whatever he asked of me.
  After a moment he twisted his mouth into a cruel smile. ‘If at any time during the demonstration you wish to stop, all you have to do is say “I withdraw my application for this position”.’ He laughed. ‘And that will be that.’
  Releasing me, he turned back to the window. ‘Where else will you get a view like this every day? Where else will you be so well rewarded for duties I am sure you will come to find amenable?’ He slid his hand around my waist then dropped it lower to caress the globes of my behind. ‘I can’t wait to see these cheeks striped with the marks of my cane.’
  I jerked away. ‘What?’
. . .

Now available as an ebook.

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