Monday, 28 March 2011

A Sample to be going on with ...

She shivered as Carlo stroked the smooth camber of her belly. He insinuated his long fingers around her waist and underneath her and unhooked the catch of the suspender belt. A thrill ran through her as Carlo’s warm palm cupped her right buttock.

‘I do like a good handful,’ he said, his fingers splaying out and gripping the cleft of her behind. He toyed with her arse for a moment, the tip of his middle finger circling the tight bud of her sphincter. Sara gasped and braced herself, but Carlo was only teasing. He withdrew his hand and slid it down to the tops of the ivory silk stockings. Slowly he fingered the rubber nodules of the suspenders, rolling them between his fingers like nipples. Then, with a quick flip he had the first one undone. Inserting his fingertips into the stockingtops he traversed the column of her thigh until he reached the rear suspender. Flip! And it too was loosened. Carlo peeled the cobweb of silk slowly down her to her ankle.
From: HONEYMOON HOTEL: The Stiletto Heel and Other Stories

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