Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Another FREE sample - Finger Lickin' Good! by Barbie Scott

My eyes are rolling back in my head because she’s got my prick in her mouth when suddenly she whips it out and starts telling me about this dream she’s had where she was drinking a cup of hot chocolate and it was all thick and creamy, not like your average cup of cocoa, more a Charbonnel & Walker experience, and my eyes are still rolling about in my head wondering why she’s telling me all this when she could be using that open mouth for more pressing business and she’s still going on about this choccy drink and how she had to lick really hard to get the smooth coating off the insides of the mug and I’m going, ‘What?’ and she’s got this dreamy look in her eyes and she’s running her tongue around her lips in a way that’s making me writhe with frustration and I want to grab her head and shove it back over my cock so she can take up where she left off, which was rimming the helmet with these little flickering feathery lick-lickings that were driving me wild and I knew, if she proceeded in her usual manner, she would soon progress to thrusting the tip of her tongue into the eye of my dick, which is right now opening and closing like a goldfish gasping for air  -  well, that’s what it seems like but in the state of arousal interruptus I’m in, it’s possible I’m hallucinating.
  Anyway, she’s still telling me about this dream that’s obviously been a real turn-on for her, ’cos she’s going into considerable detail about how she had to scrape this creamy chocolate coating off the mug with her tongue and how she savoured every last scrap and how it was orgasmic when she squeezed the froth of it through her teeth and I’m just about screaming, ‘Yes, yes, do it to me,’ when she lies back flat on the bed and says, ‘Your turn,’ and I’m like, ‘What? You’re kidding me?’ but no, there she is splayed open ready for me, so I think, ‘Okay, I’ll give her what she wants and when she’s happy, she’ll get back to the job of doing me.’

From FINGER LICKIN’ GOOD, The Stiletto Heel and Other Stories

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