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The Stiletto Heel and Other Stories

As soon as my key penetrated the lock, I knew someone was in the flat. It couldn’t be Marje - she was on early shift this week. Maybe it was one of her pick-ups. Closing the front door behind me I tiptoed across the hallway, my heart hitting my ribs like an over-enthusiastic xylophone player. Some of Marje’s boys can be - well, let’s just say she’s not afraid of a bit of rough.
 The living-room was empty, as were the bathroom and both bedrooms. I was beginning to think I was mistaken, when a sound came from the kitchen. Creeping down the hallway, I pushed the door open and peered in. He stood beside the sink, his back to me, his attention fixed on whatever he was doing. His grubby jeans hung low on his hips, hiding a no doubt pert behind in a loose fold of denim. His white tee-shirt was stained at the armpits, his tousled head bent over his task.
 ‘Problem?’ I said, strolling into the room.
 He jumped like he was practicing for the Olympics and swung around. Flattening himself against the sink, he splayed out his arms and gripped the bench top. His mouth hung open and he gagged out some sounds.
 Should I be pleased I’ve knocked him speechless? I wondered, or annoyed he finds the sight of me so terrifying? I don’t usually have that effect on men. Generally they find what they see more than acceptable.
 ‘Hey, I know I’m tall,’ I said. ‘but I’m no ogre.’ His mouth slammed shut and a little pink tongue came out and gave his lips a quick lick. Cute or what? His blue eyes were startled and he surreptitiously wiped his damp palms on his jeans. It was then I noticed he’d cut his hand. ‘That looks bad,’ I said, like sympathy’s my middle name. ‘Here let’s have a look.’
 The wound was deep but clean so I made a tourniquet with a tea-towel and rummaged in the cupboard for the first-aid box. Still eyeing me warily, he clung to the sink. He trembled as I patched him up with sticking plaster, a metallic odour of sweat rising off him like steam. Beads of perspiration jewelled his forehead. I inhaled deeply as though breathing in the most exquisite perfume.
 ‘You need something hot and sweet inside you,’ I said, leading him to a chair. ‘Tea?’ When my breast brushed his bare arm accidentally, the shock that ran through both of us could have blown every fuse in the house. ‘Or maybe you’d prefer brandy?’ The bottle was still on the table from last night’s session. Marje could put the booze away when she tried; I was no slouch either, come to that. Well, you’ve got to have a drink now and again in our line of work.
 That pointed tongue of his came out and gave his lips another licking. If only it was my lips it was lubricating - I won’t say which ones. I had an urge to lean forward and suck it into my mouth. Instead I poured a couple of slugs into the sticky brandy balloons - he didn’t look like a guy who would worry too much about an unwashed glass. ‘What’s your name?’
 He picked at the plaster on his hand as if he’d never seen one before. ‘Joe … John … Ja...’
 ‘Make your mind up, kiddo,’ I said, saluting him with my drink. Listen, if they want to be cagey about their names, that’s fine with me. I give the odd false monicker myself from time to time. I patted his thigh. His muscles were taut as high tension wire. This boy was disturbed about something - and his nervousness was turning me on. My crotch was moistening by the minute.

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