Saturday, 14 January 2012

Finger Lickin' Good

Bits of chocolate chip have got stuck to my pubes so she sucks them off and then she cleans up my balls, which have got a slick coating of melted ice cream all over them and I’m practically delirious and it’s my turn to thrash about and beat the bed, and I’m just about ready to beg for mercy when she splodges a load more choco-chip on and renews the treatment and she’s sucking and gobbling and shoving me right down her throat in her enthusiasm to get every last bit of gelato off me, when I feel that old familiar rush inside me and, what d’you know, before she realises what’s hit her she’s got hot vanilla sauce to go with her ice-cream and she has to swallow that down too, which she does, and then she wipes her lips with her paw like the satisfied little pussy she is and flops down beside me and says  -  once she’s got her throat clear, that is  -  ‘That was the best session yet.’

From: Finger Lickin' Good: The Stiletto Heel & Other Stories

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