Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Chocolate Dreams! Another Excerpt from Finger Lickin' Good

So I try a little nibble at her bud and she writhes and thrashes some more and if it wasn’t for the fact that she makes no effort to stop me, I’d think she was in agony, but no, I guess it must be some kind of ecstasy instead and by now she’s beating the bed like she’s a professional wrestler going for three falls and a submission, only I’m not in the mood to give any quarter and I keep at it and keep at it until she makes a hissing sound, like she’s about to explode and when I come up for air I can see she’s really red in the face and her eyes are open and a bit wild and vague like she doesn’t know where she is and I think, ‘Right. Now it must be my turn,’ so I kneel over her and tempt her with my prick, just tapping it lightly against her mouth, which is half open anyway, but she looks so shagged out, even though no actual shagging has taken place, if you get my drift, that I take pity on her and settle down beside her and just suck her left tit for a while ’til she gets her breath back, and blow me if she doesn’t say  -  still panting a bit from all the previous effort on my part - ‘I could go a Mars bar right now,’ and I think, ‘Yeah, right, I’ll just nip over to the all-night garage and pick you one up, love,’ but instead I say, ‘I’ve got something here you can chew on if you’re hungry,’ and I show her my dick.
 ‘We’ll have to get some of that spready chocolate stuff, so’s I can smear it all over you then lick it off,’ she says, and I’m like all agog at the thought of that ’cos it sounds a jolly good idea to me.

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