Friday, 3 June 2011

Tantric Celebacy - from The Celebate

The orgasm was total. It wasn’t confined to my cunt but spread through all my tingling limbs, my torso, my head, my mind. My face was scalding.
   My chakras danced in orgasmic delight as a freight train charged up my spine. I rolled in ecstasy as if I wanted to escape from so much pleasure. I jerked and juddered. It felt like all the openings in my body, even the pores, were being fucked at once. I was making love to the universe and the universe was making love to me. I loved everybody in the world and was loved by them in return.
   Bliss flooded me, warm, soothing, surging waves of it. Ida and Pingala curled around Sushumna, just as they were supposed to. Kundalini shot up my spine with such force it sent bells ringing in my head. The spiritual semen jetted through me and ejaculated from the top of my cranium in a starburst of golden drops.
   And at the moment of orgasm, I left my body. My spirit shot out through the top of my head in a rush of energy, burst through the  roof, and soared into the fresh crisp air.
   Hovering above the frosty garden, I looked down on myself. I could see the steamy greenhouse, the tendrils of the grapevine, the old armchair. And I could see myself, prone, an orange-gold aura glowing around me. I hadn’t intended to go off like that. I had meant to open up the ajna chakra, the third eye, which grants clarity, but I had gone for the big one, sahasrara, the lotus flower, the crown.

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