Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Chocolate Ice-Cream!

And she’s still guzzling and gobbling and I’m staring at the ceiling trying to figure out what to do about the dribbles running down my neck and into my hair, when finally  -  thank the lord  -  she grabs hold of little Johnny  -  who by now is hot and red and fit to burst through having had to wait so long  -  and rams him into the ice cream tub and kind of swivels it round on him and it feels like I’m being fucked by an ice-maiden  -  tight and hard and cold  -  and by now all the hair on my body is standing up on end and even my goosebumps have got goosebumps, when  -  aaaaah  -  she pulls the tub away and slides her hot mouth around my ice-lolly and sucks him warm again. And, boy, is she enjoying it  -  her tongue is going this way and that way and all over the place, into every little crack and crevice, licking out that ice cream.

From: Finger Lickin' Good. The Stiletto Heel and Other Stories.

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