Tuesday, 23 August 2011

My Totally Crazy Love Life by Laurindo Jones

My Totally Crazy Love Life by Laurindo Jones
  When Priscilla, aka the virgin princess, is accosted by the boss, she turns to Laurindo Jones for comfort, and Laurindo finds himself plunged up to his ears in a series of wild episodes beyond anything he’s imagined. First Priscilla receives “comfort” but not nearly as much as she wants. Then Laurindo’s foster-sister, voluptuous Laura, tells him, “You’ve been a naughty boy.” Paige, Laura’s BFF and Laurindo’s boyhood crush, adds: “Very, very naughty.” They proceed to demonstrate.

Laurindo has a knack for describing his exploits in heart-thumping, sweaty-palm detail — you’re in for a big helping of lip-smacking scorching fun. Will Laurindo get the girl? Which girl? Your pleasure is the journey as Laurindo spins this wacko and captivating tale of bonking, boinking, boffing, quickies, slowies, partials and other variations on the possibilities of love among the college boys and girls. And in case you’re wondering, yes, the story does include an evil sex cult.

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