Monday, 6 June 2011

Poolside Service - An Excerpt

 ‘I’ve watched you for weeks,’ he says.
 ‘I know,’ I say.
 ‘I know you know,’ he counters, and we both smile, our eyes locked, his blue gaze searing mine.
 Then he steps back slightly to look me up and down, the expression on his face appreciative, arrogant, relaxed. He knows he has me; he can take his time. I’m at a disadvantage, naked to the waist while he’s still fully clothed. He strokes my abdomen, sliding his hand beneath the clinging black swimming costume, the tips of his fingers halting at the top of my pubic bone. I shiver in anticipation. A fraction further and he could touch the silk filaments of hair that nestle there. I don’t shave there, I don’t wax. I like the softness of my bush, the tendrils that curl sometimes beyond the high-cut legs of my one-piece.
 His eyes snap back to mine as though he’s testing me, watching my reaction. My eyelids are half-closed and I sway slightly, my body in an ecstasy of expectation. He slides his hand over my hip and right around me, gripping the globe of my behind, smoothing his palm over it. With his other hand he yanks my swimming costume down to my knees.
 I yelp softly at the suddenness, the shock. The wet costume drops to the floor and I step out of it and kick it aside. Now I am vulnerable, completely bare. I should be cold but the warmth of his closeness makes my damp skin steam. I am passive, unresisting. Or so he thinks. I can see in his eyes he believes I am his plaything, that he can do with me what he will. For a while I pretend it’s true.
 He pushes me back, down onto the wooden bench. ‘Spread your legs,’ he says, and I do. He folds my towel beneath him and kneels between my thighs. ‘Don’t make a sound,’ he says. ‘Whatever happens, whatever I do, don’t cry out.’
 He lowers his head and nuzzles his face into my sex. His cheeks are soft with just the hint of stubble to provide a seasoning, like a pinch of chilli in a bland cream dip. I reach to his head to fondle his hair.
 ‘Grip the bench,’ he says, his voice muffled. ‘You’re going to need to.’

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