Saturday, 18 June 2011

Train Ride - Sample

‘Follow me. Hold tight.’ Tomas swung his lithe frame out of the door and round the end of the carriage. He hauled himself onto the rusty ladder that ran up the back of the train and his desert boots disappeared upwards. I took a deep breath. Oh shit. Taking off my leather sandals, I stuffed them down the front of my dress. Then I tucked the skirt up into my knickers like rompers. The Indian youths watched me, their dark eyes full of amusement and doubt.

‘Well, here goes.’

I swung myself out and grasped the metal rungs. Moving faster than a rat on a wheel, I scampered upwards, terrified of falling to the track below. When I got to the top my knees were trembling, my heart pounding. Oh the thrill of terror! Tomas and I knelt face to face on the rusty roof, laughing, our sweating hands clasped.

‘You see?’ he said, eyes sparkling. ‘Easy.’

Slowly, I released his hands and looked around. The plains stretched for miles, khaki coloured, dry. The sky was a flat expanse of blue, cloudless, vibrant. And the air, though hot, was fresh and sweet with the spicy, perfumed, exotic smell of India. The train chugged past a stream where women in saris the colour of red and yellow peppers were washing clothes. They straightened their backs to stare at us and we waved to them, happy as children.

I hooked my sandals around an air vent and pulled my dress out of my panties. I felt Tomas watching me and glanced up.

‘Up here, we are alone,’ he said, looking away into the distance. He shaded his eyes with his hand as the glare of the sun bounced off the bare earth.

‘So we are.’ I settled myself more comfortably on the curved tin roof. Cinders and smoke from the old steam engine drifted past. The train swayed from side to side with a lazy, soothing motion. ‘Fresh air, space, peace,’ I said, and I too gazed into the distance.

Suddenly Tomas leapt on me and pushed me down flat, his muscled torso hot and heavy on top of me.

‘Hey,’ I said. ‘How about a little sweet-talk first?’

He rolled off me as fast as he’d rolled on. ‘Hoist,’ he said, pointing to a wooden structure the train had just passed under. ‘For dropping mailbags, I think. We could be knocked from the train by such a thing.’ He took my hand. ‘You think I jump on you?’

I turned my face towards him. ‘I wouldn’t have minded.’ Our eyes met. Beneath us the train swayed and rattled. The metal roof was pleasantly warm. ‘Since we’re already lying down,’ I said, ‘why don’t we make the most of it.’

The train throbbed and juddered. The sun was hot but a breeze cooled us. Tomas kissed my moist forehead, my blazing cheeks. His lips were dry and warm, his cheeks soft with boyish beard. Lazily I turned my head so he could nuzzle my neck, my ears. A man in a field paused to watch as the train chugged past. He had a small elephant on a lead. In its curling trunk it held a thick leafy branch.
We kissed for an age, tongue on tongue. We ran our hands up and down each other’s bodies eagerly. I don’t know if it was the heat, the danger or the exhibitionist streak in me, but I was melting with desire. I was so horny I wanted to rip Tomas’s tee-shirt off him in frustration. When at last he slid his hand up under my dress I yelped with pleasure. Gently he hooked his fingers over the elastic of my white cotton panties. He inched them down over my hips, my hot thighs, my shaking knees, right down and over one foot. They dangled from my ankle, moist with sweat and juices.

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